Den som dræber II (Those Who Kill II) – Screening and Talk

Psychological Thriller - Uncompromising Profiler Investigates Personal Case

‘Den som Dræber – Fanget af Mørket’ (in English: The One Who Kills – Captured by the Dark) was one of the most-watched series on Viaplay in 2019.

Now Natalie Madueño is returning in a new season as the profiler Louise Bergstein, who this time becomes personally involved in a horrific murder case.

The new season of ‘Den som Dræber’ is produced by Miso Film and is written by Lead Scriptwriter Ina Bruhn with Per Daumiller, Tine Krull Petersen, and Bo Hr. Hansen as episode writers. The conceptual instructor is Jonas Alexander Arnby.


The new season of ‘Den som Dræber’ is about an unsolved case of three young men who have been killed. One of the victims was Alice’s only 18-year-old son Markus. Alice, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, contacts her friend Louise and asks for her help to find her son’s killer before she dies. Without hesitation, Louise throws herself into the case and initiates an intense collaboration with the police.

When another young man is found killed, Louise observes a pattern, but what she doesn’t see is her potential personal connection to the killer who turns out to be more intelligent and cynical than first expected.

Louise is desperate to solve the riddle before the next victim, but is she herself on the killer’s list?

Session: Den som Dræber – Screening & Talk
Session Language: Danish

In session: Writer and showrunner, Ina Bruhn, producer, Caroline Schlüter, and Investigator and True Crime Journalist, Sebastian Richelsen

Session Host: Sognepræst, Henrik Grøndal Lund

Date: Friday, October 30
Time: 19.30 – 21.30
Venue: Aarhus Cathedral (Max 100 pers.)

Production: Miso Film 
Broadcaster: Viaplay.dk

Premiere: In 2021

Watch here: Viaplay.dk

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