Rådebank – Screening and Talk

Norwegian TV series produced by Fenomen Film for NRK P3

Rådebank is a Norwegian romantic drama TV-series for young adults in eight episodes, produced by Fenomen Film for NRK P3. The series is written by  Linn-Jeanethe Kyed who is also behind ‘Heimebane’, ‘Børning’, and ‘Tube Atlantic’ among others. The series is directed by Daniel Fahre and is one of the most-streamed drama series in Norway.

“Rånere” is a well-known phenomenon in Telemark, Norway. Cars, young men, driving just as a pastime and for prestige. For some, it is something they cultivate in adolescence, for others something that becomes a way of life. The series centres on young car mechanic Glenn-Tore, a car-loving guy known as GT. He has charisma, self-confidence, and is the popular hunk of the small town. Until the day he is dumped by his girlfriend.



The series is a really strong bid for a TV-series for young men with an important message – talking about emotions is not embarrassing, forbidden, or even impossible. At the same time, it is also a series with a lot of speed, cars, and excitement.

Session: Rådebank – Screening and Talk

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Watch here: tv.nrk.no


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