Kalifat – Creating Nordic Political Drama on Terrorism

Wilhelm Behrman, Writer and Creator and Anna Croneman, Head of Drama at SVT

‘Kalifat’ (in English: ‘Caliphate’) is the most viewed TV-series of all time on SVT Play, attracting an average of over 600,000 adult viewers during its first month on Play.

This Swedish TV-series recreates the intricacies of life under Islamic State and foregrounds contemporary prominent issues such as radicalization and homegrown terrorism. The series centres around five women whose fates are intertwined in an examination of how religious fundamentalism can seduce individuals and destroy lives.

Meet Wilhelm Behrman, the writer and creator, and Anna Croneman, head of Drama at SVT, in a talk about creating Nordic political drama on terrorism.

Wilhelm has a background as political reporter for the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and the news program Ekot. Other screenplays to his credit include the series ‘Skeppsholmen’ and ‘Inden Vi Dør’ (in English: ‘Before We Die’). He also works as a psychologist in Stockholm.

Anna Croneman joined SVT in 2017 as head of Drama. She previously worked as a producer on over 30 productions included Primetime Emmy Award-nominated miniseries ‘Kronprinsessan’ (in English “The Crown Princess’) and films ‘All Inclusive’ and ‘In Your Veins’. Anna has also held various industry positions such as vice chairman of the Swedish Film Institute and President of the Swedish Film & TV Producers Association.



Session: Kalifat – Creating Nordic Political Drama on Terrorism

Meet: Writer and creator Wilhelm Behrman and Head of Drama at SVT Anna Croneman

Date: Friday, 30 October
Time: TBA
Venue: Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1, Aarhus, Denmark

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